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Hi, my name is Jan and I am Evernote Certified Consultant and the founder of THE SYSTEM2.

I started my online career as a hobby and at first, I didn’t imagine, that after only 6 months I would seriously consider quitting my regular job in order to focus fully on my online business.

First, I created few applications for iPhone and iPad. You can still find those on App Store under my developer profile. This was a huge experience, but financially it was rather bad. The competition is very harsh in the iOS world. You have to be really good or you have to be backed by a big brand or you have to have luck or the combination of the above-mentioned factors.

I am not a very good developer. I know it and I don’t aspire to get seriously better anytime soon.

But I think I am quite good at explaining stuff. I take that kind of approach where I will show you how easy it is to get the result, to acquire the skill or knowledge of something. When I have you hooked up, I will deliver the best learning experience you can get.

So instead of trying to code the next Flappy Bird, I started to teach online how to code the next Flappy Bird. Sort of.

In fact, I started to teach how to create your very own iPhone & iPad puzzle game called Catch The Snake from the scratch to App Store.

This game is available on App Store, so my students know exactly what they will achieve by taking my course, and they can even download it and try it for themselves before they dive into the learning itself.

I posted my very first course on Udemy, but recently I have discovered Skillshare and realized that this is the ideal platform for both students and teachers.

Get one month of Skillshare premium membership for FREE!

If you’re new to Skillshare I have a great deal for you. As a Skillshare teacher and partner, I can give new members one month of premium access for free. Skillshare currently offers more than 10.000 classes. If you want, you can take them all. For free.

Skillshare classes are usually quite short, 15 minutes on average, so in a month, you can take a lot of them. I believe this deal is pretty awesome, because if you take a look at how Udemy courses are priced, we are talking here about thousands of dollars you will save by taking this deal.

After free month you can decide to continue as a premium user or you can cancel premium membership, but the most important fact is, that if you cancel, you won’t pay anything.

Sounds interesting? Here’s the link: http://skl.sh/2bXYXym


I am excited that you’ve found this site, if you want to know more about me, check out my personal web.

Happy learning!