Don’t Read, Just Listen

Why audiobooks are better than hardcovers.

I don’t read books, I listen to them. Iťs really hard to find time to read because to read you need to a) hold the book / kindle / iPad b) look at the book. This means that you are basically forced to cease any other activity. Reading is demanding, not just for time, but for hands and eyes as well.

Listening to audiobooks is a whole different story. While listening to audiobooks with wireless earbuds, I can do daily boring chores since my eyes and hands are free, yet it’s the most natural way of receiving the story. Before we learn how to read, we listen as children.

I can listen while commuting, doing dishes, cleaning the house, running, walking in the woods. Pick any situation where you would just play your favorite tunes and run Audible instead. You will realize how much free time you have. With this approach I’m aiming for 50 books this year. Sure, I have one or two books on my Kindle as well, but the majority of books I have on my Goodreads profile are audiobooks.