Get More Productive with Evernote and System2

I’m working with System2 every single day. I use it to track my personal tasks, my online business projects, and even my daily job projects. I can’t even imagine how I could manage all my activities without it.

What Is System2?

The System2 is the name of the methodology for using Evernote. I invented this methodology by combining different approaches, mainly Getting Things Done (GTD) and The Secret Weapon.

I hate using multiple tools. I like things simple. That’s why I’ve always wanted one place for everything and Evernote gave me this except for the proper task management. The power of Evernote, though, is in its freedom of use, so I invented my own way to use it as a task manager and document storage at the same time.

Two types of notes

Simplicity and power. The System2 brings both at the same time. You will work with just two types of notes. Reference notes and task notes. That’s all you’ll ever need.

Two types of notebooks

A notebook isn’t the ideal tool for organizing stuff. That’s why you need to limit the number of notebooks to the minimum. You will work with just two types of notebooks. One for storing reference notes and one for storing task notes. Yes, it’s that simple.

Two types of tags

Tags are the real power behind the System2. You will use two types of tags. Reference tags and task tags with Arrow Notation to further optimize your workflow. This tagging system will help you find anything, super fast!

Two types of roles

A truly powerful productivity system needs to work as a task manager and storage for reference materials at the same time. With the System2, you’ll get exactly this, because it combines the two roles efficiently and flawlessly.

Why Should You Use System2?

It’s easy. If you want to be productive, if you want to do more in less time, or simply if you want to be able to keep track of every single task or project you need to work on or manage, I believe you will hardly find anything better.

I know this statement is pretty bold. But I have yet to find something that will make me leave the System2. I am constantly searching for more optimization, so if there’s better product or methodology, I will happily use it instead of the System2, but there is not or I don’t know about it yet.

Why Should You Believe Me?

For two reason. First, I’ve been using this system for many years. I know it in and out and since I invented it, I can help you with your first steps.

Second, I kind of know Evernote, because I am one of Evernote Certified Consultants, so there’s some credit backed by Evernote itself.

Where Can You Get System2?

Go to and just enroll in my course: