Building your online audience has never been easier. All you need today to start is a free account on the two most popular social platforms, Facebook and Twitter.

While it seems like some people have only these, I strongly suggest you will create your own blog and in this article, I will explain why I think it is a very important factor for your everlasting online presence.

Nobody is expecting Facebook or Twitter to go out of the business anytime soon, but they can very quickly change the rules. Remember that your online existence heavily relies on the fact, that these two will work infinitely and provide the service for the current price (free) or the price you can afford.

In any other case you might be better off with your own blog and I say it is wise to prepare for such scenario in advance.

I am very active on Facebook, where I run my own personal account along with pages for my two projects (Bohemiapps and Smart Profit School) and groups focused on Skillshare teaching (Udemy, Skillshare and Teachable Discounts and Skillshare Teachers Group). I also have a separate website for my projects hosted at and and of course this blog.

You might think, it’s an overkill, because I need to manage so many places, but I see it as a precaution for the scenario I hope will never come true. But you never know, right?

Also, your own blog allows you things you can never achieve with Facebook or Twitter, like posting affiliate links and so on.

Recently I tried HubPages, it seems like a nice service. They promise you some payments for your content, they can teach you how to create quality content, but they will still promote primarily their own service instead of promoting you.

If you’re online teacher, like me, think about this. All your content can dissapear one day if your platform of choice decides to shut the door, like Skillfeed did some time ago. Don’t wait for this. Diversify your online presence and make your own blog your primary virtual home.

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