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Project Description


Passive Income Explained


Digital products have one huge advantage over any kind of physical product or services you can think of. You can’t sell the same physical product or service, like a chair, an ice cream or a car to more than one customer unless you want to end up in jail.

With the digital product, you can do this and it’s perfectly fine. The digital product allows you to have a passive income. This is money you get for nothing. Imagine that you create an online course, book or game for smartphone. You create it once, but you can sell this very same product many times. If you create a smart campaign, you don’t even have to promote your product anymore, everything will happen automatically for you.

Another source of passive income is of course investing. Money can reproduce and it’s pretty good at it. The question is how to invest and what to buy.

SMART PROFIT SCHOOL is about this, passive income coming from two resources, digital products and investing.

  • Passive income
  • Digital products

  • Investing
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