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Project Description

Zombie Run – scary maze game for iPhone

Quick and easy guide to create your own iPhone game from scratch


In this course, I will teach you step by step all you need to create and sell your maze game for iPhone.

You will start from scratch, totally empty Xcode project, and just in few hours, you will have a complete game.

I will show you the whole process of game creation:

  • How to use Xcode
  • How to code in Swift language
  • How to use graphics assets
  • How to import sound effects to your project
  • How to animate your characters
  • How to work with camera to create nice zooming effects
  • How to work with lights and shadows
  • How to setup collisions between objects
  • How to work with physics

You will get the whole package including all necessary assets, images, and sounds.

I divided the whole course into 3 section.

The first section is introduction where I will explain what we will create together.

I will show you the final game, which has been already approved by Apple and it’s currently available on App Store. So you can be confident you don’t create something inferior, but viable product.

The second section is about Xcode.

I will teach you how to use this sophisticated development environment, how to code using brand new and very cool Swift programming language to create game logic. Xcode is perfect for designing your levels. I will show you how to create new levels of the game with intuitive SceneKit and drag&drop approach. I will teach you about camera, lights, shadows and physical bodies of your game characters. How they know about each other, how they react to each other.

The third section is about App Store.

I will give you some tips how to prepare your final product for App Store and what you will need to be able to sell your game.

This course is divided into 23 lectures. It takes about 3.5 hours to complete.

If you ever wanted to create your own game but felt overwhelmed by the sheer extent of tasks you would need to make, this is the perfect opportunity for you. I managed to squeeze every essential aspect of creating the iOS game to this course.

  • Create your own maze game for iPhone
  • Understand Swift programming language
  • Publish their game on App Store
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