It’s not always easy to start building your online audience when you’re totally new with zero followers. Getting your first 25 students might be pretty hard job, especially if you don’t have those 25 people around who would help you.

Why 25 students? Well, by Skillshare rules, you need at least 25 students enrolled in your class to make it appear on the so called trending page, where the class is exposed to thousands of Skillshare members.

To help beginning Skillshare teachers getting their first 25 students in a relatively short time I’ve created a Facebook group for teachers. Post your premium and free links to this group and if your class will be interesting enough, fellow teachers and other students will probably enroll. As of writing this article, Skillshare Teachers Group has 200+ members including top Skillshare teachers.

But it’s not just about getting enrollments. This group is about discussion as well. We help each other, we discuss the platform features, we help beginners with their first steps.

If you look around Facebook, you will find out that there are many Skillshare groups, so why another one?

Well, not all groups are alike. Some of them are not managed. Anyone can join them and post anything. Some of them are managed but their founders don’t have time to monitor them on the daily basis, so your post might wait for approval days or weeks. Some of them are heavily restricted, only their founders have the privilege to promote themselves while other members aren’t allowed to do so.

I was myself a victim of some of these methods and that’s why I’ve decided to create and manage the group the way I think it should be done. To serve others, not to exploit them.

Skillshare Teachers Group is open for everyone who wants to freely discuss without the fear of a sudden ban or a constant surveillance by admin.

You can post your classes, you can promote yourself, you can even promote other groups if you like. As admin, I have no privileges, I am one of you. Some admins argue that they have privileges because they spend a lot of time managing the groups and having the prominent place for their own classes to be promoted is a way of paying themselves for their work.

Guess what. I spend a lot of time with this group as well, but I would feel very bad giving myself those kind of privileges because I know very well, that without the members, the group would be useless.

It’s you, members, students and fellow teachers who make our group what it is. I’m very grateful for this.

If you’re not a member yet, join us:

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