You might have noticed, that I am behind Bohemiapps (BA) and Smart Profit School (SPS), but I didn’t explain yet, why I have these two other domains and projects.

Well, I didn’t really plan it this way. When I started building my online brand, I only wanted to create applications and games for iOS devices.

At that time, I thought it would be great to have a brand that will contain Apps in its name and since I am from Czech Republic (also sometimes called Bohemia), it wasn’t too hard to merge these two together and create Bohemiapps as the combination of Bohemia and Apps. I was really happy with this name and I created my own graphics and background music for this brand. I also immediately registered the domain and created the Facebook page and Twitter account for Bohemiapps.

Everything seemed to be perfect. I started working on my iOS games and created few of them. Karkulka, Catch The Snake, and Zombie Run are three examples who made it to the App Store.

But later I discovered Udemy and moved from creating the games to teaching how to create the games! I’ve stucked with Bohemiapps, even though Udemy is focused on the instructor profile. Next move happened when I discovered yet another teaching platform, Skillshare. It’s also more about a personal profile of the teacher than about their business brands. Actually Skillshare won’t allow you to use your business brand.

I realized I wanted to broaden my focus and move from teaching how to create games to teaching how to make money online.

Bohemiapps wasn’t suitable for this, so I’ve created yet another brand called Smart Profit School, and again registered the domain, created a new Facebook page and Twitter account.

But now, it’s quite confusing for people getting in touch with me via Udemy or Skillshare, because they might not be aware of the fact, that Bohemiapps and Smart Profit School are my projects and I stand behind them.

That’s why I’ve finally decided to put into use my personal domain I own for many years and up till now, I’ve used it only for my personal e-mail address.

I believe I have finally discovered the right content for this domain. It will serve two purposes. It will work as a central hub for all my activities and it will be my personal website for a virtual mentorship.

I will keep Bohemiapps for all the things related to programming and Smart Profit School for all the things related to online entrepreneurship.

I hope this article makes it all easier to understand, but I can’t wait for your opinion on this! Is this a good approach? Should I focus on one brand and one domain? Which one should it be?

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