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I have been using Evernote for almost 10 years. Initially, I installed it on Windows PC, then I used it on Mac and iPhone. After these years,  I can say that I know it in and out. Today, I can’t imagine managing everything without it, but it wasn’t always like this.

When I started with Evernote, I didn’t really know how it could help me. I’ve been using sticky notes, paper notebooks and all kinds of reminders and task applications. Evernote was too vague, it didn’t offer any system. Yes, I knew I could store everything in Evernote, but I always had a hard time when I was trying to find it later.

So I tried some productivity systems like GTD, but soon, I was disappointed again, because nothing worked quite right for me. Then I realized, that I need to stop looking for another system and start working on my own.

After almost six years of trials and errors, testing, tweaking, and optimizations, I was finally able to say that I succeded. I designed a unique methodology for using Evernote which is simple and yet elegant and powerful.

I call it THE SYSTEM2 because it is based on the principle of two types of notes, notebooks, tags, and roles. I’ve been using it ever since and even though it is more than four years now, I haven’t discovered anything better.

THE SYSTEM2 is built on top of Evernote and makes it the only productivity system you’ll ever need because it combines together two main roles. It is a reference storage and task manager at the same time.

In April 2017 I became Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC). As Evernote company itself puts it, ECCs are recognized professionals with comprehensive Evernote training. When I discussed the right usage of Evernote with fellow applicants during our training, I realized, that my system could work for others as well. That’s why I have decided to sit down and write the book about THE SYSTEM2.

In this book, I tried to explain the whole system, it’s structure, naming conventions and workflows. I also added step by step guides to properly set up additional features like scanning and saved searches.

This book is available on Amazon, where you can buy it right now.