Tick, Tick, Tick

Don’t waste your time. Don’t postpone your decisions. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Tick, tick, tick. Every single minute, you have an opportunity to change your life. Sixty times per minute, you have a chance to get up and do something meaningful. How much longer do you plan to waste your time? If you think that tomorrow is fine, you’re wrong. There’s no tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, it will be another today, and you’ll have another 24 hours wasted.

The power of compounding. It’s quite a remarkable phenomenon in finance. Einstein once called it the most important invention in all of human history.

It’s amazing and frightening at the same time because it works regardless of your will. Either you accept it and thrive or deny it and decay. It can shoot you right up among the stars or get you down to your knees.

The most confusing part about it? It is slow, very slow. You can’t see any immediate results. But you can’t avoid it no matter how hard you try. It is here, constantly, working for you or against you, every single minute every single second. Tick, tick, tick. 
 A year ago, I was a different person. I wasn’t aware of the real power of compounding. Yes, I knew how it worked in finance, but I didn’t realize it was everywhere, slowly killing me in every aspect of my life where I didn’t make it work for me. I wasted my time with needless toys, futile fears, senseless activities. I was weak, and life was pushing me somewhere, but I had no idea where nor why.

And then something clicked, and I got furious. I imagined myself in a few years as yet another regular forty years old daddy with the beer belly, favorite junk food, calm and obedient sitting in front of TV watching something stupid.

I got up and decided that I wouldn’t end up like this. I decided that I wouldn’t give a shit anymore about what happened to me, what circumstances brought me to my situation, what others thought I could or couldn’t do. I decided that I would change myself, completely. 
 Tick, tick, tick. A year passed and what a ride it was! The best part is that I have just started, I’ve merely scratched the surface! You see, all those minutes I spent doing something meaningful painted a picture. I realized what the power of compounding could do and boy, was it a masterpiece!

You don’t need more money, or time, all you need to take the full advantage of the compounding effect is already in your possession. All it takes is a will to start and grit to keep going.

The biggest obstacle? The only difference between success and failure? That easy thing, that one step you need to take every single day. It’s so easy to move one step ahead, but it’s also easy not to move. One day, you say, doesn’t make a difference. Wrong! It makes all the difference.

So what did I do? What is the secret? Nothing special, nothing magical. I stopped killing my body with junk food and started preparing food myself, every day, no exception. No matter what, I eat a big bowl of vegetable three times a day.

I started hitting the gym three times a week and actually working out instead of being there just for the sake of it.

I stopped killing my mind by watching TV and started reading non-fictional books written by inspiring and successful people. I stopped listening to music and radio and started listening to audiobooks whenever I can, mainly while commuting to work.

I stopped spending money on toys I don’t need and started buying stocks and bonds so the money can work for me instead of working for the vendor of those toys.

I started creating digital products which I can sell to an infinite number of customers. I wrote two books and published dozens of online courses.

Was it hard? No! The most difficult part was to get up and do that little step, every single day. 
 Nothing changed on the first day. Not even after the first week. But slowly, after few months, I started to feel something. It all began to fit together, playing nicely in rhyme. After half a year I was already hooked and saw the changes vividly. I was happier, energized, bursting with new ideas, hungry for new knowledge. But most of all, I couldn’t wait to wake up to a brand new day every morning because I realized that I’m on the long-life mission to make myself a better person that I was yesterday.

Right now, I’m ecstatic. I know I can do anything I want and all it takes is one step, each day, just one simple step.

Tick, tick, tick. I want you to try it for yourself. Start slowly, do something meaningful for your body and your mind every single day. Let the compounding effect kick in and no matter what, just keep going. Then, after few months, you’ll realize that Einstein was right and you won’t even recognize that person that will be staring back at you from the mirror!

I wish you good luck, strong will, and unshakeable persistence!